About this Project

Message Delivered by the Name

This social enterprise project is named as ARE Wisdom Social Enterprise Project.

“ARE” is the abbreviation of the name of this Association. ARE Wisdom denotes the amalgamation of the wisdom and strength of the retired elderly in building a better society.

Introduction to One-Stop Service

ARE Wisdom Social Enterprise Project maintains a work-matching platform for persons of the age 50 or over to enable them to obtain remunerated and voluntary work opportunities. In addition, we provide one-stop value added services.

Stages Pre-work/matching Preparation Work Matching Post-Contract Case Follow-up
Our Services - (for the elderly) provide pre-work counselling
- (for Service Recipients) provide business/ human resources advisory services and training
- Match the elderly (Service Providers) with the Service Recipients
- Assist in negotiating the terms of a contract and signing of it
- Verify both parties’ background/ qualification
- Assist the parties to review their co-operation regularly by requesting them to respond to questionnaires
- Assist the parties to build up/ improve relationship through our coordination
- Provide dispute resolution support
Our Goals - Enable the elderly to better understand whether they are suitable to work/ provide services after retirement, and the types of work suitable for them
- Enable the elderly to better understand the differences between “self-employed” and “employee” and their own rights
- Enable the Service Recipients to better understand their human resources needs and choices
- Enable both parties to find a suitable work partner
- Assist in agreeing on contractual terms which are fair to both parties
- Assist in clarifying the scope of service and requirements in order to avoid further disputes between the parties
- Verify the parties’ background/ qualification enabling them to sign a contract at ease
- Discover problems at the earliest possible time, and assist the parties to solve them
- Shorten the break-in period and enhance mutual trust, to enable the parties to have a smoother and longer work relationship
- Assist the parties to understand their own weakness and make self-improvement
- Assist the parties to resolve a dispute in a right way and realistic manner

Social Impact

ARE Wisdom is an innovative social enterprise project. On one hand, it provides work/ social services opportunities to the elder, gaining back their work satisfaction; on the other hand, the younger generations could be benefited from the knowledge, experience and time of the elderly, promoting their intrinsic qualities and competitiveness.

Specifically, ARE Wisdom possesses the following social meaning:

Adaptation to Retired Life Assist the elderly to gradually adapt their retired lives, transiting from full-time job to freelancing or participation in voluntary work
Direct Benefit to Elderly Enable the elderly to restore their job satisfaction and earning remuneration at the same time
Improve Financial Situation Help support the elderly’s living expenses and slow down the rate of exhausting their savings in order to fulfill the objective of prevention of poverty
Better Use of Human Resources Better use the work ability and experience of the elderly, replenishing the local labour workforce
Helping the SMEs Provide the necessary services and support to the business start-ups, SMEs and non-profit making organisations at an affordable price in order to strengthen their intrinsic qualities and competitiveness
Passing Down Experience Pass down the elderly’s work experience and the positive spirits of Hong Kong people to the younger generations

According to two methods commonly used internationally in measuring social impact, namely the Social Return on Investment (SROI) and Social Impact Assessment Tool (SIAT), they both indicate that ARE Wisdom has apparent social impact on directly alleviating the ageing problems in Hong Kong including the relief of the elderly’s psychological and financial burdens, and at the same time providing the youth with a promotion ladder and creating local talents and wealth.

SROI Analysis

Input Activities Output Outcomes Impact
- Setting up expenses
- Operation expenses
- Workforce of the elderly
- Contribution from volunteers
- Counseling to the elderly
- Advisory services and training SMEs and business start-ups
- Self-employed service contract/ employment contract
- Post-contract case follow up
- Dispute resolution support
- Participation of the elderly in counseling and group activities
- SMEs and business start-ups receiving advisory services and training
- Post-contract communication
- The elderly have better understanding of themselves and knowledge about the labour market
- The elderly better use their time and make a earning
- Service Recipients including without limitation SMEs and business start-ups receives their required services at affordable price
- The elderly’s psychological wellbeing brings along their physical wellbeing
- Improvement to the elderly’s financial situation
- Alleviating the tension in the local labour market
- Enhancing the knowledge and experience of local talents
- Promoting the intrinsic qualities and competitiveness of SMEs and business start-ups
- Harmonizing the relationship between the elderly and the younger generations

SIAT Analysis

Operation Model


Self-Employed – Unlike the matching services for the elderly provided by the traditional employment intermediaries, this project promotes the elderly to provide services in the capacity of self-employed persons/ freelancers, the advantages are:

  • The elderly have more flexibility in choosing the time to work, the work model and the scope of work

  • The Service Recipient needs not create a permanent employment post so that it may flexibly arrange its human resources and save costs

  • Compared with offering employment, the Service Recipients will be willing to offer work opportunities to the elderly as self-employed persons

  • The elderly and the Service Recipient need not seeing each other every day, reducing the conflicts arise between them

Flexibility in Handling Labour Relationship – This Association understands that certain types of services are not suitable to be provided by the elderly in the capacity as self-employed persons. Therefore we are prepared to handle labour relationship in flexible ways, e.g. we may agree the Service Recipient to employ the elder person directly, or we may arrange the elder person be employed by our related company and that related company to establish outsourcing relationship with the Service Recipient so that the elder person could be seconded by the related company to provide services to the Service Recipient.

Assistance in Working Out Human Resources Policy – The Think Tank of this Association consisting of professionals and senior executives in different business sectors will assist in advising the Service Recipients on working out their own human resources policies, including analyzing the types of operation which may be suitable to be performed by the elderly as a self-employed person.

Other Value-added Services – To procure the smooth co-operation between the elderly and the Service Recipients, and to ensure both parties will receive fair and reasonable treatment, this project may provide the following value-added services:

  • Pre-work counseling to the elderly, enabling them to be confident and be prepared to provide services in the capacity of self-employed persons

  • Provision of template of Engagement Contract, assisting both parties to reach an agreement and understand the engagement terms and conditions

  • During the engagement period, we may co-ordinate the work relationship between the parties, shortening the break-in period

  • If disputes arise between the parties, we will assist to mediate, including referring them to professional mediation services, arbitration services and legal services

  • Upon completion of the engagement, we may invite both parties to contribute feedback and views, enabling them to better understand their own strength and weakness and to make appropriate improvement in the future

Service Workflow